"I Ordered FootHuggers a week ago to try them out and now I have ordered 12 more pair! They are the most comfortable and warmest socks I have tried. I would never have thought that they would make such a difference in my life. I actually have nothad cold feet aches since I put the first pair on! I have suffered from Raynauds for the past 10 years and this is the first product I have tried that actually made a difference. Thank you for such a wonderful product! I will be passing this site on to all my friends!"

~ Helen, Elkhart, IN

From our friends at the
Raynaud's Association of England...

Dear Sarah.

We sent the FootHuggers Comfort Sock samples which you provided to a few of our Raynaud's members here in Cheshire, England who have real problems trying to keep their feet warm. Please find attached their evaluations and comments. As you will see the socks have been a resounding success - proving to be very popular with our sample of Raynaud's Syndrome sufferers.

Thank you for giving our Raynaud's & Scleroderma Association the opportunity to trial the socks.


Fiona, age 25-34, Crew sock. Results: Excellent; Very happy with the fit; Superb fit and very cozy; Once you've tried FootHuggers you will never want to wear any others; I would buy them.

Kathryn, age 25-34, Crew sock. Results: Excellent; Very happy with the fit; I like the soft material & ease of getting them on; FootHuggers kept my feet warm, which I usually find difficult with my Raynaud's. They helped to maintain the temperature of my feet which ended up helping my ulcers; I would buy them.


Melanie, age 35-44, Anklet sock. Results: Excellent; Very happy with the fit; They are so warm and snug fitting; FootHuggers are perfect. They hug your feet and keep them warm; I would buy them.

Anne, age 65+, Anklet sock. Results: Excellent; Very happy with the fit; Very comfy and warm; Most effective socks I've tried; I would buy them.


Roger, age 45-54, Bootsock. Results: Excellent; Very happy with the fit; Keep feet dry, warm and comfortable; "Keep your feet snugger with a FootHugger"; I would buy them.

Rosemerry, age 45-54, Bootsock. Results: Good; Very happy with the fit; Very soft and comfortable; They give your feet the warmth they deserve! I would buy them.

                            People LOVE FootHuggers Comfort Socks For a Variety of Reasons...

I love these FootHuggers.
My daughter is diabetic and used the socks last year and loved them.

My mom has Neuropathy in her feet really bad from chemotherapy. Her feet always are cold and yet feel like they are burning. I gave her a pair of FootHuggers socks for Christmas and she absolutely LOVES them! That's why I am now ordering more.

~ Thank You!

I gave a pair to my 82 year-old mother who has circulatory problems. Her feet are always cold. She called me last night to say she hasn't taken the socks off since I gave them to her - she even wears them to bed. She said that I can take back everything I bought her for Christmas. She wants more of these socks.

~ Tracy in Apple Valley, MN



FootHuggers are such wonderful and comfortable socks to wear in winter. That's all that I wore last winter. I brought different kinds of socks on my trip to Nepal, India in January. It's very cold and damp there. FootHuggers really made a difference to keep my feet warm. It's also easy to clean and dry. I ended up wearing only the FootHuggersfor my month-long trip in Nepal, India.

~ Silvia in Plymouth, MN

Hi John & Sarah Tyree:

I wanted to send you an email to let you know that I purchased your foothuggers during the Calgary Stampede in July 2010. I hike a great deal in the Rocky Mountains and have been searching for a pair of socks that do not light my feet on fire. Historically, my feet were aching or incredibly hot to the point that I would be searching for a cool stream to provide relief.

I have found success with your foothuggers. It doesn't matter if it is a cold day or hot day.... my feet are comfortable and almost massaged during my hikes with no acheson the soles of my feet.

Thank you, C. Fryers in Calgary, Alberta Canada

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your socks are!! My dad had a heart attack back in the summer of 2000. Since then he has had problems with circulation in his feet. (therefore always seems to have cold feet) His doctor suggested polar fleece socks. He tried many polar fleece socks and many wool socks, they were semi-warm... but they were always so bulky he could never fit into his shoes.

Luckily, in 2001 I found your booth at a craft show in Des Moines. I bought several pairs, which quickly became my dads favorite socks. They not only keep his feet warm, but they also allow him to still fit into his shoes!! Now 5 years later (and every year since) I am buying 12 pairs of socks.... 5 for my dad since he wears them year round, 3 for my mom since she is now on chemotherapy and seems to have the same problem as my dad (she has been stealing my dads socks) and the rest for my son and husband since they are great for the outdoors. Once again thanks again for making such a great product that allows my mom and dad to grow older and still be comfortable!

~ Sharon in MN

I am writing you to express my appreciation for your FootHuggers that I bought from you at the Ohio State Fair last year. I'm a U. S. Postal employee. I work outside in all kinds of weather. I suffer from cold feet. I tried all kinds of so called fixes like electric socks, electric shoe inserts, and extra socks. All of these worked for a short time, but were expensive buying batteries and uncomfortable. I even checked with my doctor, who said that there isn't any reason that my feet should be so cold. I figuredthat I would have to suffer with cold feet during the winter months...

I noticed your booth at the fair and after some coaxing from my wife I purchased 2 pairs. I was very skeptical that they would help do the job, at first. When I tried them out for the first time in late November, I was amazed at how well they worked. My feet were warm for the first time since living in Florida, 12 years ago. I was then disappointed that I had only purchased 2 pairs. That meant I would have to wash every other day. They held up great! This was the best investment that I made last year, and I plan on using the FootHuggers from now on whenever my feet get cold. Thanks again for such a great product!

Sincerely, Tim in Ohio

Since it has gotten cold I have been wearing my first pair of FootHuggers. WOW!! They really do keep your feet nice and toasty. I drive a Bus all day and when it is cold out I like to stay warm. Thanks for having a quality product you can count on.

~ Bob Finnegan

We purchased your FootHuggers socks in Bayfield Wisconsin, and just loved them. I am buying more now for my Mother who is cold all the time, and we would like to suggest maybe a blanket or throw to cover up with, I know that we would certainly buy that product.

Thank you. Janine

Bought 7 pairs of FootHuggers at the Autumn Festival Arts & Craft Show in Omaha, Nebraska - decided to buy one more for a gift.

Bought a pair of FootHugger Socks for me and my husband at the Oklahoma State Fair, they are great feeling, a little pricey, but comfy.

I was at the Rockford Metro Craft Show and I bought a pair of your FootHugger Socksand they are just GREAT! I never got back to your booth to get more. Thanks!

Good Day! Today, I received my package of goodies from Everyday Gaiters Company. The products are, as promised, VERY WARM, & will be quite helpful in keeping my extremities nice & toasty! Thank you for providing these fine products, & thanks again for delivering in a very timely manner!

Regards, Connie Youmans

This was my second year of ordering from this company. I found this company last year using a search engine and was looking for "warm clothing" items that were "not bulky". I found exactly what I was looking for here and reordered this year. If there is ever a problem on their end, I am promptly emailed and the problem is explained to me. It is a family-run business and they make you feel like one of the family. I will continue to order from Everyday Gaiters because I just like the way they do business.

I just wanted to send an email to thank you for your hospitality, especially for the gentleman at the Denver Holiday Food & Gift Show, who gave me a pair of anklets, since I am out of work and diabetic. I am so thankful for his kindness and wanted your company to know how much it means to me. I will not forget him soon, nor will I forget the generosity of your company, and of course the comfortable socks. Thank you soooo much and God bless you.

Sincerely, Patricia A. Bartels in Denver, Colorado

FootHuggers Knee-High Bootsocks
Customer Testimonials & Reviews

I love FootHuggers socks. I currently have 3 pairs of FootHugger BootSocks and would like to order 6 more pairs. The socks are PERFECT!

~ Nancy in Beverly Hills, California

"I really like the FootHugger material and I like the knee-high (BootSock) length."

I absolutely love these socks! Wearing them dispels any myth suggesting that all warm socks are equal. Anyone with circulation challenges like me or even other "freeze baby" types, owe it to themselves to try your FootHugger Bootsocks. The assurance of soft comfort whisper value everytime I put them on; and the gentle hug of the lasting warmth, brings the pleasure of pain-free adventures into my reality. From the moment your Bootsocks met my legs it has been added relief, soothing away little aches and pains I learned to accept as a diabetic with lymphoedema.

Yes, FootHuggers are definitely worth it!

~ Joyce in Hinckley, MN

I recently had a chance to go to Anchorage, Alaska where I volunteered to be a "Dog Handler" at the 2005 Iditarod Dog Sled Race - awesome experience. I HATE the coldbecause I can never keep my hands & feet warm. I spent 2 days (approx. 6-8 hours, each day) outside for the races. I remembered my "WristHuggers" and for the first time ever that I can remember my hands were not cold, even when I removed my mittens.

I also had my "FootHugger Bootsocks" on, and my feet stayed warm too. I have now purchased a pair of WristHuggers for my friend in Alaska, and I know she will love them. I also wear them for ATV riding in the early spring and fall up in Northern Wisconsin, and I enjoy riding a lot more when my hands and feet are warm. I love the products.

Thanks, Shirley Sigler

Hi! My name is Eva and I dragged my husband to the Spring Craft Show at the Odeum in Villa Park, IL earlier this year. He is an avid SCUBA diver constantly on the look out for products that would add comfort to his dives.

We came across your booth and he was interested and tried on a pair of the FootHugger Bootsocks. He was worried about the seam squeezing under his suit and you assured him he would have no issues. Well, he just went diving last weekend and they worked out great! On his first dive he didn't even fold down the seam and he was so surprised - he had no issues at all. His feet were perfectly comfortable and dry after all his dives! Thank you so much for such a great product!

Sincerely, Scott & Eva Weber

Customer Review of ALL
FootHuggers Comfort Socks:

Hi, I am just home from Black Hills Stock Show 2007. I ran into your booth on a frigid evening when my husband was running to get the pickup and I was approached to try your socks. Skeptical, yes! They were different looking and had lots of promises and such. Diabetic approved, keeps your feet warm.... yeah right! I have diabetes and we have cold in South Dakota with wind chills of less than -35! I was cold doing chores and just being alive. But these socks.... hummmmm. Trying some on they felt so nice. Not bulky, comfort, flat seams, and well.... get the other sock and let me walk in them. Up the stairs and down, my feet were already soar and tired. These feel good, I thought.

Ok I bought a couple pair. Phone rang and I headed out to the pickup. Home at last. Well this has been a revaluation to say the least. My grandfather always said "No foot, no horse". I felt like a canner horse most days with my feet. I have hammer toesbunions, and other conditions involving nerves and the balls of my feet not having natural padding . Needless to say my feet suffer on a daily basis. OK.... not even I believed it, these socks make a huge difference. I have to hand it to the inventor. They are truly awesome. They are soft as a baby foals muzzle.

Most socks, even those approved as diabetic socks, fall down, stretch out, have rubbing seams and are flat-out uncomfortable, I love these socks. They are not bulky, fit in my shoes, boots, and other footwear. No slipping down, crawling into the foot area, they don't sweat and pull on my toes and bind them up. I can move my toes to gain relief at anytime. My feet remained dry and comfortable. Do you know how much that means to me? Pain relief! Comfort! Oh yea, and remember how cold I said it was....well my feet were warm as were my legs wearing these boot socks. I loved them. I had to wash them over and over not only to test them, but to wear again during the week. And I tried to stretch them out and wear them twice in a row and they don't loose shape! I wore them to bed to keep my toes and legs toasty too. Honestly, I can't find anything wrong with them.

And to further my test, I purchased some diabetic approved crew socks at a footwear specialty shop to compare with. They lost quickly and totally. They fell down in my daily workout and crawled in to the foot of my shoes, collected moisture, pulled on my toes and were not warm! They were like the old slouch socks that were popular a while back. Not my opinion of comfort or relief for my problems. And they were priced about the same as these crew socks. Not much of a bargain.

I am a Curves fitness trainer so I wore my ankle socks to work thinking they would work down into my shoe and crumple up in the foot area....again my suspicious mind was wrong. Perfectly comfortable as the knee socks. They came through with flying colors. Speaking of colors there are several to choose from and I now have all 3 lengths to wear. I also raise Paint and Quarter Horses with my husband. I know he was asking about ordering them .... he works out in the weather nearly every day... contracting. He is also diabetic. I think he was hinting to get some too?

I am sold on these socks for life. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the relief from discomfort I have experienced. They are number one on my list. We will be customers for life. Thanks for such a wonderful product.

Now I am looking at all the other neat items you have. We will be ordering soon. I am so thankful our paths crossed on a cold weekend in South Dakota. God Bless You All.

~ Jackie McElhaney in Edgemont, South Dakota

FootHuggers Winter Apparel
Customer Testimonials

"I LOVE these products.... now I'm getting them for my friends!"

"Products are excellent, purchased at Autumn Festival in Shakopee, MN"

I'm a letter carrier in the snowiest city in the USA. Your BootHuggers really do as you claim, keep your feet dry and warm. I'm a true believer. Thank-you for a fine product.

~ John in Syracuse, NY

"I've had a set of BootHugger Gaiters for a long time and love them. My son is now big enough to need a set also, I am very happy to have found you again. They are also great for 4-wheeling and mountain biking."

"I love my BootHuggers. Your product is priced right and does the job perfectly. Thank-you!"

~ Margie in Baltimore, Maryland

"I work outside and the HeadHugger and Glove Liners are essential for me to make it through the night. Thank you for having them."

"We love our Earhuggers in North Dakota."

"I would like to share with you that I have tendonitis and carpal tunnel in both arms and wrists. I have been wearing WristHuggers for about three years. I wear them daily at work to keep my wrist and arms warm and it has really cut down on the pain. Just wanted to let you know. If you would like to share with others they really do help a lot. A grateful wearer."

~ Anna in Minnetonka, MN

"WristHuggers are a truly wonderful product. Thanks for keeping us warm."

~ Tracy in Apple Valley, MN

"We bought a pair of FootHuggers Dual-System Socks at the Denver Stock Show. They are very comfortable to wear."

"I purchased FootHuggers Dual-System Socks and Liners. You're right, they are warm. I'm outside everyday for at least 5-6 hours. Thank you."

~ Brian Edwards in Fairport, NY

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