Short by design, FootHuggers Anklets offer wonderful comfort for anyone who desires a low-profile sock with all the comfort of FootHuggers. When worn with sneakers, Anklets extend over the top of the shoes covering the ankle. Unlike other anklets/footies, FootHuggers Anklets will not slip down under your foot causing discomfort.

FootHuggers Anklets are a wicking sock that helps control moisture, promoting evaporation of perspiration, and helping to keeping your foot dry. FootHuggers Anklets also insulate your foot keeping you comfortably warm in the Winter. If you prefer a short sock all year long and want warm feet, FootHuggers Anklets are a perfect choice.

Can FootHuggers Anklets also keep you cool in the Summer? Yes they can! In June 2006 at the Peoples Fair event in downtown Denver, the air temperature was 98 degrees. People were HOT!! Everyone was wearing shorts, t-shirts and bare-foot sandals. To prove our point, we had people try FootHuggers Anklets in their sandals. Much to their surprise, their feet felt cooler instantly! FootHuggers are a wicking sock. What that means is they help move moisture away from your skin and promote evaporation. Well, at 98 degrees, evaporation happens fast, and that's cooling to the skin, and that feels great!

FootHuggers Anklets top band is thin and offers excellent stretch. If you suffer with edema or swelling in your lower leg area, FootHuggers Anklets will offer wonderful comfort without the tightness you have experienced in the past. FootHuggers Anklets are perfect for anyone who needs extra room around the lower leg area.

If you suffer with Diabetes and/or Neuropathy, FootHuggers may be your best choice for diabetic socks. Especially if your legs near your ankles are swollen, FootHuggers Anklets are a great choice. No tightness and lots of comfort! FootHuggers also are a wicking sock that helps control moisture too!

If you live with Raynaud's Syndrome, FootHuggers should become your everyday sock. The warmth you will feel will brighten your day. FootHuggers Anklets will be perfect any time of year. Also a great choice as a bedtime sock.

Like all FootHuggers Comfort Socks, FootHuggers Anklets do not have that annoying seam across the toe area. All seams lay flat against your skin and are rarely noticed at all. FootHuggers Comfort Socks are pure comfort. It's like wearing bedroom slippers. Your feet are cushioned all day and feel great. If you are on your feet all day, especially on concrete, you will notice your feet actually feel good all day!

We have also discovered people who live with Arthritis, Gout, and Lupus have found significant comfort from wearing FootHuggers Comfort Socks. FootHuggers keep your feet so comfortable and warm, with no tightness. Aching joints feel better all day.

If you suffer from cold feet more often than you would like, FootHuggers Comfort Socks are the answer. FootHuggers wrap your foot in snugly comfort and warmth. FootHuggers look thick, but are actually quite thin and will fit in all your boots and shoes. Say goodbye to cold feet, wear FootHuggers Comfort Socks.

Anklet Sock


anklets: $12

Sock Size

Fits Women's Shoe Size
Fits Men's Shoe Size
4 - 7

8 - 10
7 - 9
10.5 - 12
10 - 11.5
Extra Large

12 - 15