BootHugger Gaiters

"I'm a letter carrier in the snowiest city in the USA. Your BootHuggers really do as you claim, keep your feet dry and warm. I'm a true believer, Thank you for a Fine Product!"  

John in Syracuse, NY

BootHuggers gaiters 

Extra-Small: $20.00

Perfect for very young children, ages 2-4 years old.

Small: $25.00

Designed for kids ages 5-8 years old.

Medium: $25.00

This is the most common size for many folks. People 10 years old and older wear medium. Most adult women wear medium. Smaller men can also wear mediums.

Large: $30.00

This is the common size for most adult men and large adult women.

Large-Tall:; $40.00
This is a specialty item. Same diameter as a large, but much taller.Reaches to about mid-thigh. Great for kneeling during ice fishing or road spray while motorcycling.

Large-Tall:; $40.00
This too is a special size for very large adults who need extra width. Typically 300lbs or more required to justify this size.

Color options vary by size.