"We love our EarHuggers in North Dakota."

EarHuggerHeadbands are unique. Completely windproof, eliminating any windchill from damaging your ears. Earhuggers are also fleece lined, keeping your ears toasty warm. But best of all, EarHuggers are made so thin, they easily fit under any hat or helmet... yes, even custom-made cowboy hats.

If you hate having cold ears and simply have never found a good solution, your wait is over. EarHuggers Work!!!

EarHuggers Headbands: $10.00

Small size fits children and smaller ladies heads.
Small EarHuggers are available in black, tan, mustard yellow.

Medium size fits average size heads.
Medium size is available in black, red, mustard yellow, grey.

fits men with very large heads.
Large size is available in black, grey.